Why Try Jamberry?

I like to look pulled together and fashionable, but I have a husband and a two year old and we’re a very busy family. I don’t have an hour or two to get ready in the morning. I need options that fit my lifestyle because I can’t fit my life around cosmetics. Jamberry is the only thing that stays on my nails longer than a few days. Here’s why I realized Jamberry nail wraps are a great fit for my needs, and why I think they will be a good fit you as well.

Why Jamberry text

No toxic VOCs. Nail polish has to dry, which means chemicals have to evaporate. I have a toddler and hope to have another little one sometime. I don’t really want any of us breathing in all those chemicals. More on those chemicals later. Jamberry nail wraps smell like…nothing. I love that.

Mom/active lifestyle friendly! Polish lasts about three days on my nails. Maybe four if I have it done by a professional and am really careful. I can pretty easily get two weeks of wear from my Jams, at which point I’m ready for a change and my nails have grown out quite a bit. I used to be so careful not to mess up my nails (with a toddler-yeah right!). Despite that, I always hit one or two on something before they dried or smudged them in my sleep. Now I can change a diaper mid-manicure. No dry time is amazing! The Jams above have been through countless baths (toddler, dog, even me!), hiking, dishes, cleaning… I don’t baby them. Looking for help to keep your Jams looking great? Try my application tips!

Jams: Days 2,9,14

Two weeks of Happy Go Lucky

They actually look great! I’m pretty good at painting my left hand, but my right…not so much. What I can do is align a Jamberry nail wrap well with both, so my hands look equally polished and pretty. Jamberry’s designs run the gamut from subtle to graphic. I can be trendy one week and formal the next.

Fast-no salon necessary. I want to spend my free time with my family, not at the nail salon. Never mind the scary information coming out about what you might breath in or be infected with at a salon. Jamberry- no babysitter required! Jamberry nail wraps can be layered over polish, or even artificial nails. We also have a great gel kit so you can get that salon gel look at home. Hurray for options!

Longer nails. Jams keep my nails from breaking. My nails grow fast but tend to tear as they get longer. I’ve never had that happen while wearing Jamberry nail wraps. A lot of nail biters have had great success growing out their nails with Jamberry.

3 to 4 applications remaining after full maincure

Wraps remaining after a full manicure

Economical. Each sheet costs $15 and gives you two to four manicures, and two pedicures, and you’ll likely have some accent nails left over. All of that! A manicure costs $30-50. Left is what remained after the manicure above.

The designs are really fun! I can take a few minutes for myself in between activities and have some nails I love that actually last.

Not sure? No problem! I’m happy to send you a free sample. Just fill out the sample request form.

Are there any negatives!? Of course, few things provide a perfect, effortless solution to any problem. The application of Jamberry nail wraps is different that painting your nails. It’s not that it’s necessarily harder, it’s just that many of us have been practicing painting our nails for a long time. I know I have, and I’m still not that great at it. I get much more professional looking results with Jamberry. But the first one or two times definitely take a bit more effort. It helps a lot to practice with one nail. Samples are great for this! Put on one accent nail, paint the rest, and take the seven day challenge, see which looks better after a week. Expect to take longer the first time. Work slowly and patiently, one nail at a time. Be deliberate. Watch the Jamberry application video. Do these things and the next time will go much fast. I did, and I had great looking nails that lasted two weeks the first time and was totally sold. But I was definitely slower than I am now. If you’re getting frustrated get in touch! I can help you troubleshoot. I’m here to help you! That’s the beauty of buying from a consultant, rather than the drug store.

Various Marsala Finishes


It’s possible to pick off your wraps, just as it is with nail polish. They can also get damaged, just like polish. It’s still not a good idea to pry that jar open with your nails! If you’re running in to trouble with longevity, please get in touch. Please take your wraps off slowly. Don’t peel them off like stickers as that risks damaging your nails. Though they are much thinner than artificial nails part of their longevity comes from being a bit thicker than polish. You may find you notice this at first, but I found after wearing them once or twice I not longer noticed at all. My nails feel stronger with the wraps on and don’t tear like they did.

Take a few minutes to do something nice for yourself. You’ll get a bit of cheer each time you look down. You may find you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at your nails!


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