What Is Jamberry?

Faux FoxJamberry was founded by three sisters looking for a simpler, more cost-effective way to have great looking nails and spend some time together. They created a unique vinyl nail wrap attached to the nail with a heat activated adhesive. Because Jamberry wraps are vinyl they don’t chip or fade like nail polish and will last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Jamberry wraps make it easy to have nail designs ranging from solid colors, to traditional French manicures, to trendy graphics. Best of all, it’s on your own schedule with no dry time! The wraps can also be applied over polish or artificial nails. Love your polish? Jamberry makes beautiful five-free polishes and a gel kit that will give you long-lasting, professional results at home! Pair the wraps with polish or gel for unlimited possibilities. Curious why I like them so much? Wondering if there are any cons? Be sure to read  “Why Try Jamberry?”.

Fall Splendor WrapsJamberry is a social selling company. I, like many people, was skeptical of this model. Done well, however, it means there is always someone you can go to who can help you with application, ordering, or any other issues. No more “hold, please!” Your independent consultant can give you detailed application advice tailored to your nails and preferences. While many of us have long painted our nails, the Jamberry application is a bit different. It’s not hard and you can master it quickly, but I’m happy to help answer any questions you have and to send you a free sample to practice with.

The prevalence of social media makes it much easier for consultants to reach out to, and keep in contact with, customers. Consultants are supported not only by their sponsors and the home office, but by friendly social media groups with lots of collective experience. These benefits help ensure a better experience for both customers and consultants. If you’re interested in hosting an online party or joining Jamberry, please send me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions and do all the work for you!