Application Tips

There are tons of Jamberry application and removal tips and tricks out there. Below is what works for me.

First be sure to watch Jamberry’s application video.

My Application Process:

I like to keep it simple. I use the cold method because I can move the wrap if I get it a bit off center the first time.

  • I push back my cuticles gently, then clean my nails with alcohol or nail cleanser and wash with dish soap. I select the correct wrap for each finger, and cut them away from the rest, removing a section only a bit longer than I need for each finger so there’s plenty of each wrap left to use again. You’ll be able to get two applications from each wrap, unless your nails are really long. Be careful not to touch the adhesive side of the wrap with your fingers, tweezers work well.
  • Rather than hold the wrap in front of the heater, I press it on my nail cold. That way I can easily adjust the wrap if necessary. You can press them all on one hand then heat, if you prefer.
  • I hold each nail in front of the heater for 5-10 seconds. Be careful not to let them get too hot. It should not feel uncomfortable.
  • While the wrap is still warm, I press it down with a cuticle pusher and my opposite thumb starting in the center and working out to the edges. I pay attention to press down all the edges and the tip.
  • I find it really helps to let the wraps cool before trimming and filing. Take a few minutes to check Facebook or, if you’re really clever, do the other hand!
  • Then I trim the wraps to close to the nail with scissors and file downward, making sure the edges are all smooth.
  • I seal the tips by reheating the nails and rubbing them with my thumbs, especially at the tip.
  • I do one hand, trim, file straight down, then do the other hand.
  • It takes me about 30 minutes to do all my nails, taking my time and listening to the news.
  • You don’t have to have the Jamberry heater, a hairdryer works just fine. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

Using this method I’ve always gotten about two weeks of wear. The thicker the wraps (i.e. glitter wraps) the more heat they need. I find it helps to heat glitter wraps first, then apply, then heat again.

If you’re having any trouble, just email me! I’m happy to help you troubleshoot.

Additional tips to try:

  • Drink tea or coffee (or both-me!)? You can press your nails on the side of your hot cup to reseal them if you have any lifting at the tips.
  • The exception to this simple process is my thumbs. They are very square at the bottom so I have to trim those wraps. I just trim off a bit at the bottom so the wrap is more square, rather than oval.
  • Make sure you’ve removed all the invisible cuticle that often covers the bottom of your nail. Jamberry’s Cuticle Remover Pen can really help.
  • Choose a wrap that does not overlap onto your finger at all.
  • I try not to take a bath or soak my hands for a long time for a few hours afterward. Washing is fine. I also wait a bit to apply cuticle oil so the wraps are settled.
  • Make sure your nails are thoroughly dry. Don’t put on your Jams right after a bath. Nails retain water for a while.
  • I don’t baby them, but I do wear gloves when I do the dishes because my hands get really dry.
  • Picking will break the seal and cause pealing. I thought I would pick at them, but I find I don’t. People who bite their nails have had great success stopping their biting habit with Jamberry!
  • They seem most prone to lifting in the first couple days. After that I find they’ve really sealed. If you get some lifting, heat and pressure will reseal them as long as you keep oil out until you reheat them. Try the coffee/tea trick above!
  • Sometimes after about a week I hold them in front of my blow dryer while drying my hair and press them down with my thumbs again, especially if I’ve noticed any lifting. Takes about a minute. Or there’s always my favorite tea/coffee trick.
  • I put a lot of oil on my hands and I’ve never found that to break down the adhesive as long as I don’t break the seal. Be sure to keep your cuticles moisturized! Use your favorite cuticle oil, or try Jamberry’s– it’s super convenient!
  • Here is a quick guide to the different wrap finishes and how to heat them if you heat before you apply (which I do recommend for the sparkle finish). Wrap Finishes and Heat Times



I recommend watching Jamberry’s removal video.

Please be sure to remove your wraps very gently! The adhesive is strong so the wraps stay on. It is possible to damage your nails if you pull the wraps off. The Jamberry removal video above is a great place to start. Be sure to work the wraps off from the side. Pulling up from the top or bottom can cause damage to your nail. Be sure they are coming off easily and you’re not pulling. Then you’ll be ready for your next mani!

My nails are naturally a bit dry, but as long as I remove them gently I have no damage. If you get damage I definitely recommend trying one of these methods:

The Gentle Method (with rubber cuticle pusher)

  • Break the seal on the wrap by gently lifting a tiny bit of the side with another nail or an orange stick.
  • Dip a rubber cuticle pusher into polish remover or acetone and very gently ease it under the wrap on the sides. Keep dipping and sliding it under the wrap until the wrap comes off. This happens faster than you might think, but the key is not to force the wrap off as that could damage dry nails. Let the remover loosen the gel and the wrap will lift off.
  • Remove any extra adhesive with a cotton ball soaked in remover.

The Even More Gentle Method

  • The most gentle way I’ve found to remove wraps is to remove them like gel, though they don’t take as long as gel.
  • I make packets out of cotton balls and aluminum foil and soak them in acetone. To do this, cut strips of aluminum foil about 2-2.5 inches in width. It doesn’t really matter how long they are, just long enough to wrap well around your finger so around 3.5 inches long. You can also purchase these already cut for removing gel at a beauty supply store. Place a half or whole cotton ball soaked in acetone on your nail. Wrap the aluminum foil around it tightly to keep the acetone from evaporating. It should look something like this:


  • I do one hand, then reuse the pockets on the other by just carefully adding more acetone. A dropper works great if you have a spare one. But you can make new ones too if that’s easier.
  • Seem complicated? Try Jamberry’s  gel removal packets for an easier version of the same thing!
  • Soak the nail long enough to dissolve the adhesive. This should only take a few minutes. You can remove the packet and put it back on to check if the adhesive is dissolved.
  • If the wrap doesn’t just fall off, very gently remove it and any adhesive remaining on the nail by wiping the nail with a cotton ball soaked in remover or acetone.
  • Moisturize your nails! Acetone is very drying.

Please let me know if you  have any questions! I’m happy to help!