Go For Gold!


Go For Gold CollectionGo For Gold Collection


Are you ready to cheer on the USA?! Show your true colors while watching the Summer Games and help support our Olympians!

Did you know that many athletes have to pay their own way to the games? For women athletes especially, it can be hard to get sponsors willing to pay their travel costs to get to Rio, even if they’ve made the team.

Go For Gold Collecton

Jamberry wants to help, and so can you! For each wrap sold from the Go For Gold Collection, Jamberry will donate $3.50 to help these amazing women athletes get to the games. These beautiful designs were inspired by Brazil, Rio, and the good old Red, White, and Blue. They come in a variety of finishes are so pretty for summer. They are limited edition, so be sure to get them while they’re still available, and of course in time to cheer on the athletes! Be sure to watch them in the video below!

Courtney Hurley U.S. Olympian 2016, 2012. Bronze Medalist. Wearing Going For Gold.

Courtney Hurley- U.S. Olympian 2016, 2012, Bronze Medalist, wearing Going For Gold.


Wondering how your Jams will hold up? This Olympian has put them to the test! Courtney Hurley is one of the athletes being supported by Jamberry’s Go For Gold campaign. As a fencer it’s no doubt her hands take a beating- but her Jams look great, even after a week of training!

Support these amazing athletes and the Red, White, and Blue! Shop the Go For Gold Collection–>


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