Throwback Thursday with a Twist!

Throwback Thursday wraps

Throwback Thursday- Wisteria and Lavender Sparkle

Wisteria and Lavender Sparkle


This week’s Throwback Thursday has a twist! Instead of one or two wraps, Jamberry is offering four wraps in a bundle! That’s three exclusive wraps, plus one extra for only $45! These wraps were picked to all go super well together and to be perfect for spring/summer. They feature beautiful lavender and teal shades. Lavender Sparkle and Wisteria are retired wraps and Teal Wisteria is new and exclusive to this bundle!


Throwback Thursday- Teal Wisteria

Teal Wisteria “Twisteria” and Grey and Silver Stripe



These three wraps are only available through this weekend’s Throwback Thursday! Grey and Silver Stripe is current, but pairs so perfectly with the others Jamberry decided to include it. Takes some of the guesswork out of our mixed manis!

This bundle will only be available through Monday and while supplies last, so don’t wait too long!

Shop Throwback Thursday–>





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